Accuracy International Arctic Warfare

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When you place the swivel on the stud, close it, and then screw in the lock collar, it just spins on the shaft without engaging sorry, it's kind of hard to explain, but the directions in the package do a pretty good job with pictures and narrative.

You have to manually pull out the locking collar while twisting it to be able to screw it out to open the lock to remove the swivel. I haven't had one break or fail, but this could be the failure point of this swivel. Time will tell, although I have had them for years with no issue thus far. I tried one with the 1" swivels and it was an utter failure.

The 1" is just too small. If you buy one package, you will receive 2 swivels as shown in the second picture of the package on Amazon. For most standard rifles, you will need both swivels to attach a sling to it. One swivel will attach on the buttstock and one will attach on the forearm end. You will need to install the studs prior to attaching the swivels. Overall, these are great swivels and I will continue to buy them in the future.

I hope I have helped your purchasing decision of this product. I am not affiliated with the manufacturer, seller or any other product related company nor am I under any obligation to write this review. I do this for my own fun! Feel free to comment and let me know if I have helped you, and please click below if I was able to help.

If you should have any questions, please post them below in the Comments. I try to answer all inquires in a timely fashion to the best of my ability.

Lastly, Follow me on Amazon if you wish to be notified as I post new reviews. I promise they will always be meaningful and never a bunch of blathering junk. I would give five stars but the nylon plastic knob is rotating around the pin during installation. I used no excessive force.

I simply threaded left to loosen and push pin per instructions. No hamfisting required to break the nylon knob loose! I'm honestly a bit disappointed and would not recommend if you are looking for a durable no worries sling swivel. I bumped up one additional star.

I contacted bushnell and their customer service is excellent. They informed me that the nylon knobs are specifically designed to rotate freely around the pin.

You actually have to pull on the nylon away from the swivel while rotating to get it engage. They said this feature was to make the pins more secure in that they don't back out by themselves. He also mentioned that the packaging does not reflect this change. I still don't like them but if you think it's broken I guess it's not and functions as it should.

Still feels broken to me Great detachable sling swivels for my Ruger Easy to install, and can definitely withstand some abuse. Works well with the AppleSeed's GI 1. Bought these for a Mossberg Chainsaw shotgun build I'm doing and they worked out great.

I bought these to replace some similar swivels that were part metal and part plastic. The plastic broke on those so I am looking forward to all metal swivels and think it will work out pretty good.

That is not such a bad thing as you want these to be secure after install. Top quality looking hardware, I think you will not be disappointed with purchasing or using! If my review helps you in your purchase decision, please let me know by liking it. I needed a large screwdriver to pry them open, even then it was almost impossible. Crooked post and lack of travel to open. Just extremely poor manufacturing, zero quality control! Unusable, worthless but not worth returning, beware the new contractor that produced these!

One person found this helpful. Uncle Mike's makes some quality products. These quick detach sling swivel mounts are worth the price. Other quick detach sling mounts I have found have actually done away with the screw post design for an simpler removal, but these designs can be a little more expensive. For the price the quality is hard to beat.

Buy Uncle Mike's and be happy with it. I read all of the reviews and because I have always had a good products from Uncles Mike's purchased anyway The screws on the clip piece do not hold as stated in other reviews. My other Mike's swivels are metal and work great I'm headed to my sporting goods store to find a decent product. See all reviews. See all customer images. Most recent customer reviews. Published 1 day ago. Published 29 days ago.

Published 1 month ago. Published 2 months ago. The Accuracy International PM Precision Marksman rifle was entered into a British competition in the early s as a replacement for the Lee—Enfield derived sniper rifles then in use by the British Army e. In this configuration the rifle is capable of first shot hits with a cold, warm or fouled barrel. Some years later, the Swedish military also wanted a new rifle, and in the early s Accuracy International entered an upgraded version of the PM, now known as the AW Arctic Warfare.

This was the start of the Arctic Warfare name, which became the primary name of the rifle family despite its earlier names. The AW rifle featured a modified bolt with milled slots to prevent freezing and problems caused by penetrating water, dirt or similar disturbances. Further, the stockhole, bolt handle, magazine release and trigger guard on the AW were enlarged to allow use with heavy Arctic mittens.

This version was accepted into use by the Swedish Army in as the Prickskyttegevär 90 Psg This rifle has seen service in recent conflicts such as Operation Granby and Operation Telic. Most Arctic Warfare rifles are chambered for the 7. The sniper rifles are mounted with a muzzle brake in order to help reduce the recoil, muzzle raise and muzzle flash of the weapon. Each country's rifles differ slightly. The Swedish Psg 90 for example, uses a Hensoldt Zeiss scope and can also use sabot rounds.

The AW's complete parts interchange ability and reliability in adverse weather conditions have made it a popular, if expensive, weapon. The Arctic Warfare family's main competitor in production of high-end factory sniper rifles is the Sako TRG product line, with similar capability but lower price than the Arctic Warfare system.

The AW system is almost unique in being a purpose-designed military sniper rifle, rather than an accurised version of an existing general-purpose rifle. The modular design of the AW system allows for flexibility, serviceability and repairability under field and combat conditions. Major components, such as the barrel and the bolt, can be switched between rifles, or replaced in the field by their operator with the help of some tools.

The chambering can also be switched by the operator as long as the barrels, bolts and feeding mechanism can handle the shape and size of the cartridges. Rather than a traditional wooden or polymer rifle stock , the AW is based on an aluminium chassis which extends the entire length of the stock. All other components, including the receiver, are bolted directly to this chassis. Two hollow polymer "half thumb-hole stock panels", usually coloured green, dark earth or black, are in turn bolted to the chassis, creating a rugged, yet for its sturdiness comparatively light, weapon.

The Accuracy International receiver is bolted with four screws and permanently bonded with epoxy material to the aluminium chassis, and was designed for ruggedness, simplicity and ease of operation. To this end, the heavy-walled, flat-bottomed, flat-sided receiver is a stressed part, machined in-house by AI from a solid piece of forged carbon steel.

The six bolt lugs, arranged in two rows of three, engage a heat-treated steel locking ring insert pinned inside the front bridge of the action. The ring can be removed and replaced to refresh headspace control on older actions.

The AW system cast steel bolt has a 0. Against penetrating water or dirt the bolt has milled slots, which also prevent freezing or similar disturbances. Unlike conventional bolt-action rifles, the bolt handle is bent to the rear, which eases the repeating procedure for the operator and reduces the contour of the weapon. The action cocks on opening with a short, 60 degree bolt throw and has a non-rotating fixed external extractor and an internal ejector.

Firing pin travel is 0. As an option, a MIL-STD rail Picatinny rail can be permanently pinned, bonded and bolted to the action, providing a standard interface for many optical systems.

Cartridges are fed through the bottom of the receiver using a detachable, double-column, steel box magazine. Alternatively cartridges can be loaded singly directly into the chamber.

The free-floating , heavy, stainless steel barrels stainless steel resists throat erosion better than normal barrels for the available cartridge chamberings all have a different length, groove cutting and rifling twist rate optimized for their chambering and intended ammunition.

If the consistent accuracy requirement of an operator is no longer met, the barrel can fairly easily be renewed. This is normal practice for active high-performance precision rifle operators, who regard barrels as replaceable. Twists are one turn in 10,11,12,13 and 14 inches for 7. A three-position, firing pin blocking safety lever on the bolt shroud allows the bolt to be manipulated with the safety on.

If the weapon is cocked, the firing pin can be felt at the end of the bolt action, making it possible in poor visibility to feel whether the weapon is ready to fire. The safety-catch of the weapon is also positioned at the rear, showing white if the safety is on, red if not. The trigger assembly can be easily removed for cleaning by undoing two socket-head cap screws. The AW is usually equipped with an integrated bipod and it also has a monopod mounted on the buttstock. These Savage Arms rifles are primarily for the law enforcement applications.

There are three variants of AICS chassis system. The basic variant is the AICS 1. There is also a quick-adjust cheek-piece option that has a spring-loaded cheek-piece in conjunction with a quick-adjust butt plate. The AICS side panels are made from a high-strength polymer and are available in the colors olive drab, dark earth or black.

Sling attachment points are mounted on each side of the rifle, so it can be carried flat against the back and used comfortably by left- and right-handed users. A front attachment point is situated below the fore end and can be used to anchor a target style sling or replaced by an adapter for a Harris bipod. In April , the U. Marine Corps announced they would be replacing the M40 sniper rifle with the Mk 13 Mod 7; the M40 had been in service with the Marines since , with the latest M40A6 being upgraded in Army M Enhanced Sniper Rifle.

There are two main types of AW series models. Models offered by AI, and type classified models in service with governments. AW models are related to, but not necessarily exactly synonymous with specific models adopted by countries. The rifle from which the Arctic Warfare family was developed. In this original form, it entered service in the UK in the mids, and designated as the L96A1 chambered for 7.

The basic 'improved' version of the L96A1. The name stems from special features designed to enable operation in extremely cold climates.

Adopted as the following All versions mentioned are chambered for the 7. The most notable feature was that the distinctive frame was black instead of light green. The AWP is normally chambered for 7. Its noise levels are similar to those generated by. The weapon is fitted with a special. As with all such systems, the sight will need re-zeroing after a barrel change. While the Covert system's compacted size is considerably smaller than that of any conventional system, its special barrel and integral suppressor keep the weapon's overall length within normal limits when deployed.

It has a longer bolt compared to the AW, in order to accommodate for the dimensionally larger and more powerful magnum cartridges. It's fed through a 5-round detachable magazine. The AWM that is chambered for the. See the Arctic Warfare Magnum to see the full list.

The AWM-F was the first AW variant featuring a folding stock and has been adopted since its first introduction in the German Army in , and by other several armies: The G22 Gewehr 22 or Scharfschützengewehr 22 by German Army , it features a folding stock and is chambered for the. The AW50 was introduced in by the British and Australian armed forces and is an AW rifle re-engineered and chambered for.

It differs from the standard AW50 in that it is fitted with a folding stock hence the F and Madco barrel. The AE bolt-action differs from the larger, more angular AW design. The round AE receiver is lighter than in the AW models. The action of the AE is not permanently bonded with epoxy material to the aluminium chassis and can be removed.

Unlike the AW models, the AE can not be ordered in a left-handed configuration. The AE is chambered in 7. It must be noted that the Accuracy International has discontinued the AE sniper rifles several years ago.

The AT Accuracy Tactical model was introduced in as a cheaper alternative to the more expensive AX series which are intended for military use. The AT on the other hand is intended for law enforcement and civilian use. The AT is chambered in 7.