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Foreign exchange trading is not done through any centralized market, so all forex broker rates may not be exactly the same at the same time. Forex brokers deal with networks of banks and the trading is carried out electronically within .

Can I fund with a personal check or business check? Prices may vary depending of liquidity and are constantly changing.

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Forex rates vary as per market condition and if you are looking for a better rate, we'll let you know. Set a daily rate alert and we'll alert you on daily forex rates on

You may experience longer processing times if the name on the originating account does not match your FOREX. Yes, we accept checks for U. Keep in mind that the name on the check must match the name on your account.

Funds sent via check typically take business days from date of receipt to clear and be credited to your account. This can vary depending on the bank and state of issue.

All customer deposits are kept separate from our own operating funds and distributed across a global network of custodian banks. Yes, you may use multiple cards to fund your account. Keep in mind that withdrawals are processed to the original funding methods. Therefore, a single withdrawal request may be processed via multiple cards.

In accordance with our anti-money-laundering policy, we are legally obligated to verify the status of the original funding account before we can process a withdrawal of funds to another source. In the event that the original funding account is no longer available, you will need to provide us with evidence of its status, such as an account statement or relative document issued by your bank. Documentation must include the following:. My deposit has been declined.

What should I do? Your bank may decline your transaction for a number of reasons, but we are not told why. Your deposit may be reduced by a service fee charged by your bank. Withdrawals can be submitted through MyAccount and are processed in the order funds were received.

Deposited funds must be returned to the originating funding source in the following order:. Your bank may take additional time to credit the funds to your account. Funds deposited with eCheck are not available for withdrawal until 5 business days after the deposit date.

Fund transfers are available between linked accounts. To link accounts, click the Link Account button in the Summary section of MyAccount and follow the instructions. After the accounts are linked, you can click the Transfer button in the Funding section of MyAccount to transfer funds between them. A withdrawal of funds will result in a reduction of funds available to be used for margin to maintain open positions.

This may result in the liquidation of any or all of my open positions. It is your responsibility to ensure that the account holds enough margin to maintain open positions. Please let us know how you would like to proceed. The prices are quoted by a large number of active 'Market Makers' such as banks, specialist currency brokers or other financial entities. There is no standard fixed contract size, nor are there any commission fees or any other additional transaction costs involved.

All prices quoted are 'two way', i. This price quoted is inclusive of all trading costs. The spread may vary depending on market conditions and liquidity. Prices may vary depending of liquidity and are constantly changing. The 'market' is alive around the clock and 'follows the sun' around the globe. It is possible to operate efficiently in the market from Positions can be opened and closed at any time throughout this period. The international date line is located in the western Pacific, and each business day arrives first in the Asia Pacific financial centers first Wellington, New Zealand, then Sydney, Australia, followed by Tokyo, Hong Kong, and Singapore.

A few hours later, while markets remain active in those Asian centers, trading begins in Bahrain and elsewhere in the Middle East. Later still, when it is late in the business day in Tokyo, markets in Europe open for business. Subsequently, when it is early afternoon in Europe, trading in New York and other U.