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Remember to dress warm, the game is played in two minute halves. While information is officially given in Swedish only, the doctors can often speak some English. Most major hotels have clean lobby toilets.

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The spacecraft disintegrated over an uninhabited stretch. So far no sightings or pictures of the fireball are available. SL till Edsbro MF.. DSB Danmark har en helt annan service: Fyll i datum före ombordstig. Fria nattfärjor välj själv avg- eller ank-datum. Flytt Sluss t Medbpl: Swebus mkt bra frisk kall luft, reglerbart vid varje säte. Lunnevads fhsk 5kmSV Vikingstad. Inoff EJ för navig. From 10 dec Sommarkortet ejlänk 3 dgr Ange ditt medlemsnummer och kampanjkod: Köp din biljett senast 48 timmar före avresa.

MF em 30 min senare! SL bör ha snabba direktbussar vid stora stn etc! Interrail se nedan! Jfr GP Lerum-Floda. MAX Skillinge 15,7 Floda 13, Mäta nederbörd mer exakt och frys-säkert: Stockholm also has several indoor swimming pools and spas in very special settings, for instance Centralbadet , Sturebadet and Yasuragi spa. Stockholm is home to several elite sports teams, and if you're a sports fan you might want to watch a game.

The most popular spectator sports are football soccer and ice hockey. Also, bandy has something of a cult following. Speedway is another big spectator sport in Sweden, and it can be experienced only 16 minutes from the Central station by subway, station "Gubbängen".

Handball and basketball is also available. The Swedish top football league, Allsvenskan , is considerably weaker than most of its Western European sister leagues, and Swedish teams generally struggle in the European cups. Instead the clubs are famous for their passionate supporters.

Therefore, going to a game is an exciting experience — especially the Stockholm derbys where the rivalry is intense. Unlike in continental Europe, the football season starts in the end of March and ends in the beginning of November. There are currently three teams from Stockholm in Allsvenskan: The season starts at the end of September and ends with finals in April.

Stockholm currently has one team in SHL: Bandy Bandy is a sport popular mainly in Sweden, Finland and Russia, and slowly gaining popularity in North America, played outdoors on ice with sticks and a small ball.

The field is roughly as large as a football soccer field, and the rules show some similarities. If you visit Stockholm sometime between November and March, and want an exotic experience, this is for you.

Remember to dress warm, the game is played in two minute halves. Stockholm currently has one team in the top men's bandy league: The games are played at Zinkensdamm arena on Södermalm.

There are many opportunities to do sports in the Stockholm area. The Stockholm area contains several semi-artificial ski slopes. The height is modest, but the view is usually great, well worth a hike anytime during the year. Tracks for cross-country skiing are available throughout Stockholm.

There are few stables close to the city where you can ride ponies and horses. Both available for adults and children with various riding-experience. There are many open fields in Stockholm. Gärdet T Karlaplan or T Gärdet is a good one for outdoor sports. Just bring a ball of your choice.

Stockholm has several national stages, such as the Royal Swedish Opera Kungliga Operan , and several playhouses staging international musicals. There is also a growing scene for stand-up comedy in Swedish and English. The live music stage in Stockholm is something else. There are never any signs of anyone playing but a few posters in specific areas. Although a lot of the cities bar's have live music, the most common place to find it is around Södermalm. Besides Södermalm both Norrmalm [89] and Vasastan [90] have a few interesting venues.

There are many cinemas in Stockholm. With the exception of children's movies, films aren't dubbed but subtitled, so if your English is good enough this is a good leisure activity. Many cinemas are THX certified. Many of Stockholm's most charming classic cinemas have been closed in recent years, victims of the competition from modern multiplex screens. The elegant Röda Kvarn on Biblioteksgatan was recently transformed into an Urban Outfitters store, and Astoria Nybrogatan was closed in A few splendid venues are especially worth a visit: In November, Stockholm hosts an annual international film festival [91] that draws large crowds.

The Stockholm International Film Festival also hosts an open air cinema in the Tantolunden park during one week in August. Stockholm has a range of architectural backdrops and natural settings that appeal to travelling photographers. Attitudes towards homosexuality are generally tolerant. With about 80, university students at more than twenty universities and university colleges, Stockholm is the largest university city in the Nordic countries.

The largest institutions of higher education are Stockholm University Stockholms universitet , the Royal Institute of Technology Kungliga tekniska högskolan , and Södertörn University College Södertörns högskola.

Two more specialized universities are Karolinska institutet , a world-class medical university, and Stockholm School of Economics , one of the most prominent business schools in Europe. There are also several fine arts university colleges. Study in Stockholm [96] has information about university studies in Stockholm. Studying in Sweden is free for EU-citizens. There are even ATMs inside some bars and nightclubs which might accept payment in cash only.

Only a few places accept foreign currencies, such as Euros or US Dollars. Sweden is internationally known for its design, and Stockholm has many stores where you can find Swedish-designed clothes, textiles and interior decoration items. Hand-made and hand-painted glassware is also a famous Swedish speciality.

Recent years have seen an explosion of young designers starting their own small labels. Many of these can be found in the small shops in the SoFo area see below. Drottninggatan in Norrmalm is dominated by major brands down at the Sergels Torg end before giving way to smaller and more specialised shops further north.

Also connected to Drottninggatan is the square of Hötorget T-Hötorget. Here is a daily fresh food market outside as well as Hötorgshallen , an indoor food market. Mood Stockholm [97] on Norrlandsgatan opened in This mall contains a lot of interesting boutiques not represented elsewhere in the city.

In Östermalm is the main square Östermalmstorg , a square which possesses Stockholm's best food hall, Östermalms Saluhall Östermalmshallen at T-Östermalmstorg. There are a number of shopping centers and malls in the major suburban centers. While different in size, they all have a similar profile, with cheap restaurants, supermarkets and major fashion, electronics and interior design chain stores, as well as some smaller shops.

There is no obvious reason to venture outside the city centre, except perhaps for the possibility of Sunday evening shopping at Kista Galleria when inner-city shops all have closed. On Sunday evenings from September to May at Skeppsholmen near the city center there is live Swedish folk music at Folkmusikhuset []. Just go there and listen or why not dance some Swedish folk dances. It is free entrance. If second hand is an option many Stadsmissionen and Myrorna the Salvation Army shop have fun and unique products that also contributes to a good cause.

Especially Stadsmissionen Stortorget T Gamla stan has handpicked design and classical furiture. Stockholm features a large variety of restaurants. However, dining in Stockholm can be expensive, if you aim for something else than the fast food bars, the run-of-the-mill British-style pubs or the ethnic restaurants that dominate the budget bracket.

If you are on a tight budget, self-catering is probably the best option. Most restaurants have "dagens rätt" - a lunch offer, normally including a non-alcoholic beverage, bread, butter, salad and coffee M-F, usually Generally more expensive downtown and cheaper in the suburbs. Many Asian, Indian, Mexican and fast food restaurants offer rather cheap "all you can eat" lunch buffets.

Office workers usually go for lunch at noon, so try to show up just before, or past Most restaurants' kitchens close at Alcohol in restaurants is expensive. Sweden has enforced non-smoking in all bars, pubs, restaurants and enclosed areas.

In this cosmopolitan city, traditional Swedish cuisine, known as husmanskost or husman can be hard to get by. Many fine diners have a not-too-expensive husman course: Guide Michelin recognizes six Stockholm restaurants: Taking a break for coffee and a pastry is an important Swedish tradition, called fika in Swedish, and there are many coffee-bars around the city.

Espresso-based drinks cappuccino, latte, etc. Order a some baked goods like cinnamon rolls Sweden is known for their cinnamon rolls to go with the coffee.

If you prefer tea, note that many cafés only offer a few flavours, but generally some black, red and green teas. Look at the district listings for local cafés, which offer a more personal experience, and better coffee than big chains. Drinking alcohol is generally allowed in public areas, with some obvious exceptions, such as schools, playgrounds, indoor malls and public transport areas. In some parks, drinking is prohibited from midnight. Map of dry areas. The cost for drinking out in Stockholm can vary a lot.

Long, and very slow moving lines tend to form outside most popular clubs - expect having to wait as much as 1 hour or more if going to a trendy place after midnight, even if raining or snowing. Don't forget to bring an ID , as bouncers could at anytime ask for identification at the door in both pubs and clubs. As in many other Swedish cities, clubs are quite often arranged illegally and underground outside of the city center.

During the summer months, many open air parties are arranged. During fall and winter, there are underground parties in abandoned factories and other industrial buildings, like in many other cities.

Some parties are only held once, while others are recurring. These are, naturally, not listed and are often informed of on a word of mouth or online community basis. Generally, such clubs play techno, house and other electronic music, and so, ask locals for advice in legal clubs that play the same genre. The Swedish word for clubs arranged illegally is svartklubb literally black club. Due to the nature of such events, undercover police presence may be apparent and individuals could be searched for illegal substances at any moment.

Stureplan is a district dominated by posh dancefloor nightclubs, at the crossing of Birger Jarlsgatan , Kungsgatan and Sturegatan , T Östermalmstorg. The mushroom-shaped rain shelter is a common meeting point.

Can be difficult to get in to the clubs here if you are considered not fit in. Södermalm is a district which have many smaller bars and nightclubs focusing on art and electronic or alternative music.

There are also many local pubs outside of the city centre, where many locals go and the beer is cheaper. Ask any swedes for directions and they will be happy to help you. LGBTQ Parties For gay and lesbian parties, visit the gay bars and ask for advice about where to go that night, since there might be limited options, and they vary from week to week.

For men there are usually parties at Candy, Kingkong, Tank. Sidetrack, Secret garden mixed Lesbian bars: Bitter Pills, Whippet Lab, Secret garden mixed Mbargo not a lesbian bar but many lesbians hang out there.

Most restaurants and bars close at There are an exclusive few open till More trendy clubs might have a long queue from midnight till closing time. Get out early at least before midnight. Do not behave drunk in queues, as the guards may not be willing to let you in. Arguing aggressively with bouncers and security staff will certainly lead to serious consequences and is not recommended.

As of , Stockholm has fairly typical hotel prices for Nordic regions. Hotels located far from city center are generally cheaper, as are hostels and private rooms without en suite bathrooms. Try to find one close to public transport. As throughout other major European cities, apartment rental services such as AirBNB provide competitive options as compared to traditional hotels.

The cheap bunks are in short supply. Look for hostels at Svenska Turistföreningen, [] and SVIF [] Advance booking is recommended, especially during summer, and for those in the inner city. The lowest cost per bed can be found on the Baltic Sea cruiseferries. Phone booths are very rare as are public phones in general as most people have switched to cell phones. Prepaid cards are available and usually also include Internet access at a reasonable price.

Coverage is excellent in Stockholm, even in the subway and road tunnels. Many cafés, hotels, libraries offer free wi-fi access. McDonalds and the local version Max also offers good free Wifi in their restaurants. The site Wifikartan show most of the free wi-fi access points in Stockholm and most of Sweden as well.

Stockholm is a safe city by international standards. As in other cities, however, you should avoid late-night walks through deserted areas of the city or through unlit parks. Stockholm has an exciting night-life. As in most countries, being overly intoxicated is not accepted in most bars and clubs, and could lead to the security staff forcibly ejecting the trouble-maker.

Swedish people tend to binge-drink, and as usual, alcohol might fuel violence. Most crimes against tourists are crimes of opportunity, such as pick-pocketing, bicycle theft, auto theft, and auto vandalism. As always, do not leave valuable items in your car, and watch your bag in crowded places. Most shops and all major taxi companies accept credit and debit cards, so there is no need to carry a lot of cash.

Be more aware of your belongings in crowded areas such as festivals, nightclubs, markets, airports, and public transport areas. Especially at night, avoid the suburbs on the far south end of the red metro line's Norsborg branch, as well as the far north end of the blue line, as violent crime is rife in these areas by Scandinavian standards.

Prefer the major cab companies Taxi Stockholm, Taxi Kurir , Sverigetaxi and Topcab to avoid overcharging, and have a better chance of having belongings lost in the car returned to you. During summer, groups of street gamblers try to scam their audience on Drottninggatan and in other touristed areas. They use a variety of tricks one of them being planting a few of their own in the crowd.

Don't play, you will lose. Though Sweden has an extensive welfare system, and Stockholm has fewer homeless and impoverished people than other cities of similar size, impoverished people can occasionally be seen begging downtown.

You may also come upon beggars feigning disabilities, or handing out laminated begging cards on the subway. Buying food or water for someone begging is also a good way of helping, without risking that your money goes in the wrong hands. Stockholm is a very friendly to sexual minorities. Homophobic and transphobic attitudes will be met with outright hostility from many swedes.

All parties in the Swedish parliament take a radical standpoint against harassment and violence towards sexual minorities. Same-sex couples will have no trouble living openly in Stockholm, which includes holding hands or kissing in public around the city.

Despite this fact, common sense should be used late at night in some areas as in any other city. There are many ATMs in the city, but some foreign card-holders, such as a Canadian, have reported trouble in using them, even when they purport to be connected to international networks their banks are part of, so consider doing some research before you arrive.

Most places accept identification and a signature, but PIN-transactions are preferred. Finding a good toilet in Stockholm can be tricky. That is also the cost of public toilet booths found in most city squares though these might be messy so be sure to carry some 5 and 10 SEK coins.

Restaurants' toilets are often reserved for customers, and might be messy depending on the establishment. Some good, clean toilets are found in Max at Norrmalmstorg, and in the bar Sturehof at Stureplan - the establishment is too big for crew to keep track of people borrowing the toilet. Urinating in town is illegal, but urinals are often free even if you have to pay for a WC. The libraries, museums, and government buildings often have free, clean toilets.

Most major hotels have clean lobby toilets. Some of them might be reserved for house guests and require an access code, but travellers can often get access to them on request.

Since all Swedish apartments either have a washing machine or access to a communal laundry room, there are virtually no self-service laundries to be found in Stockholm, with one exception:.

Most youth hostels have washing machines. Some dry cleaners offer to wash shirts and bed linen as well, but this tends to be quite expensive. Swedish healthcare is generally of high quality, although you may have to face a long wait in emergency rooms.

How fast you get to see the doctor is dependent on how ill you are and if others are sicker. If you have a small wound that needs stitches you will wait if there are victims of a car-accident. But if you are in a bad car-accident you know you will get help first. Money, name or title won't help pass the queue. More information on hospital fees can be found on the Stockholm County information site []. In an emergency , always call for SOS Alarm, for ambulance, police, fire service, air and sea rescue, mountain patrol, or priest on call.

English-speaking operators are available. While information is officially given in Swedish only, the doctors can often speak some English. The pharmacy market has recently been de-regulated, giving some competition to the state-operated monopoly chain Apoteket.

Certified pharmacies have a green cross sign. You can buy over-the-counter medicine such as paracetamol, ibuprofen, throat and cough relief tablets or nose-sprays in almost any supermarket or convenience store. The tap water in Stockholm is of very high quality. There is no reason for buying bottled water.

It is also completely accepted to ask for tap water in restaurants. Many places have a tap and glasses for self-service. In Uppsala you can see the biggest cathedral in Scandinavia, Linnaeus' botanical gardens as well as Viking royal burial mounds and temple remains from the time when Uppsala was Sweden's capital.

Just click any blue "Edit" link and start writing! Norrmalm Norrmalm contains the central business district known as City , with several department stores and shopping malls, museums, hotels and restaurants too many to mention, most of Stockholm's major theatres, and the central railway station.

The pedestrian shopping street Drottninggatan runs in a north-south direction through the area, by the square Sergels Torg. The islets Skeppsholmen and Kastellholmen can be reached on foot. Vasastan is a mainly residential area, where the Odenplan square offers shopping and nightlife.

Östermalm Östermalm is an affluent borough, including Nationalstadsparken , "the National City Park". The Stureplan square is a hub for upmarket shopping and nightlife. The borough also contains a forest, a museum cluster with the Science and Technology Museum and Kaknästornet , as well as Stockholm University and the Royal Institute of Technology.

The Frihamnen cruise port is on the eastern edge. The rest of the island is a picturesque collection of old buildings and narrow cobblestone streets. The adjacent island Riddarholmen holds a church and several old government buildings.

Södermalm Södermalm is a rugged island with buildings of all ages. It is always commonly referred to as Söder The South. Fjällgatan offers some of the best views of Stockholm and the Baltic Sea inlet.