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One of the questions often considered by anyone who has to pay tax bills to the ATO is ‘how do I earn the most points on this transaction?’. The answer is a moveable feast—cards keep changing, so we’ve attempted to compile a list of cards that allow points to be earned when paying your tax bill.

How would you go about it?

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If, at any time, you are interested in reverting to our default settings, please select Default Setting above. What do you think? This article needs an update. Points are definitely no longer earned with the Coles Mastercard since Shitibank took over the portfolio in early March. Great site, and I bought your book today. I just want a card that will give us the best value in 50 Curedale St Beaconsfield points!

Now that Coles is selling the credit cards to Citibank there would not be any points for ATO payments from March ! Thank you for the information. It is really a bad news as I have been using my overseas mastercard to pay ATO for long time.

Since the rate for AMEX is 1. Thanks for the article. I justed wanted to ask 2 Qs: What is the card payment fees for Qantas cash? Is there a similar fees for Velocity Global Wallet card as well? Hi Hassan I am still experimenting with various ways to pay the ato and get points.

I successfully used OnlyVisa gift card but this week ato have stopped accepting them. So cheap points but not many! And this will all change soon anyway. And the using of points for upgrades seems like another whole nightmare of learning curve! Coles Reward MC is capped I believe? FlyBuys is uncapped but transfer to Velocity is capped 60, p. The earning of flybuys from the Coles Rewards Mastercard is uncapped, as you said. To clarify, you can transfer a maximum of , flybuys points to 60, Velocity points per household, per calendar year, however, there is no cap on flybuys transfers to Etihad Guest.

I have added a note in the table accordingly. Seems its not anymore. Thanks for the feedback. I think their is more value redeeming ANZ Reward points directly for flights as opposed to redeeming for Virgin points and then booking same flights. Any comments on this?

Followed up with their tech support and, after 2 weeks of waiting, received a response yesterday confirming that they will manually add the points. When I queried whether there was an issue with my account and whether this could happen again i.

So, take that as either confirmation that you will get the points albeit with some legwork until the PDS is updated, or avoid at all costs……. If i have an amex explorer, do i have to use the amex payment platform you describe? Or can i just pay my ato bill directly and still earn points? You can pay your bill directly to the ATO with a 1. Thank you for such a detailed summary. I just wanted to check if there is there a mistake with the CBA platinum earn rate. I believe as CBA award point converts to 0.

You rock point hacks! All by doing what I would do in my normal day to day business operations. Great article Keith, thank you. Samantha, can you please advise how you used your Qantas Cash to pay tax? Mine is only allowing to convert currency to currency, card to another Qantas card, or transferring Qantas cash to another of my own bank account. Not any options allowing for tax payments?!

Please let me know if you have any other tricks, thanks. This works to date for personal tax payments and earns 0. How do I go about paying using Qantas Cash? That sounds like a new development — as far as we know it was possible a few months ago. Do you get a specific rejection message from the ATO you could share? Are you using the Easypay portal as well? How would you go about it?

Happy to deposit in advance the funds on a small capped card to receive points. Amex or a visa? I have cards now that will not allow ATO payments. If the points earned are enough and outweigh the value of the surcharge of that card then it may make sense to try and go for it. Alternatively, consider the RewardPay route if you can. Best way to try is to test with a small amount and see how it gets processed. Does her paying tax for her own business count as a business transaction?

Or is it simply just a tax payment by an individual? Ah, well each bank is different and is not transparent about that definition. Ultimately it would be up to the banks discretion to decide whether you are using the card for business purposes.

That said, the ATO bills through the same portal in either case, so the bank would probably decide more generally whether they thought you were using the card for business or personal purposes. As a business owner with a trust structure, most of my points are earned paying personal tax debts for myself and other beneficiaries through the ATO EasyPay system.

It would be brilliant to see an article related to how to best convert your points or just redeem considering these recent changes. However you are right to be concerned about your use of the card for business transactions as they could just wipe out your balance if they decide you have been using the card against their terms. You can always move them over to KrisFlyer at a later date if your plans dictated that was a better option.

Worth being aware of, everyone can make their own decisions on how to use their cards — we just aim to inform! I called Coles MasterCard and they said I would still earn points as long as it was not a boat transaction. I want to offer another perspective. Whether I use a card that earns points or not, I still have to make that quarterly payment. So for me, I immediately consider can I get something more for it? I could apply for another card, generally at a membership cost of a couple of hundred dollars, in order to save a couple of hundred dollars.

But I need to factor in the cost of owning that card for just ATO spend, unless it also provides a very good general points return. This is the second time I received such a letter in the mail.

It is obviously a targetted offer but if people are considering this card, it is good to know. Some banks give while others take away. Great to see Westpac understanding this is a benefit to their cards. Do you know anyone who tested that one? I was under the impression that this had just recently stopped ATO transactions.

Looking into it more now though. One time it can be worth using a high cost-per-point card to pay the ATO is to meet bonus point minimum spends on a new card. That changed earlier this year. According to their terms , ATO transactions are now ineligible for points earn.

Thanks for the comprehensive article. They gave notice to existing cardholders that ATO earn ends from December 1st, and points caps are being applied.