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List of state visits made by Indira Gandhi. Alipay will enable Chinese and Pakistani traders to make easy e-payments between the two countries.

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HELENA, Mont. (AP) — A Montana jury has ruled that the Jehovah's Witnesses organization must pay million to a woman who says the.

These findings further confirm that social indicators are very weak in Pakistan, even where economic indicators appear healthy. The report also found that the decrease in multidimensional poverty was slowest in Balochistan, while poverty levels had actually increased in several districts in Balochistan and Sindh during the past decade. The level and composition of multidimensional poverty for each of Pakistan's districts are also covered in this report. Ahsan Iqbal, said, Pakistan has set zero poverty goal much before the year , adding,the reduction of multidimensional poverty is one of the core objectives of Pakistan's Vision He said, inclusive and balanced growth, which benefits everyone and especially the marginalized communities, is government priority and is essential for promoting harmony in society.

MPI is a useful instrument for inform public policy for targeting, budgeting, resource allocation and inclusion. Pakistan's MPI establishes baseline not for only Vision , but also for Pakistan's progress towards achieving the Sustainable Development Goals, and complements the consumption-based poverty estimates recently released by the government.

UNDP Country Director, Marc Andre Franche said,"We consider this a highly innovative approach because of its multi-faceted nature and the availability of estimates at the sub-national level.

Many countries are using MPI to inform government priorities for planning and it is encouraging to see government of Pakistan adopting MPI to complement monetary poverty measure in Pakistan, he added.

The data of MPI of Afghanistan is not given due to unavailable sources for the collection of the data. Multi-dimensional poverty index is an international measure of acute poverty covering over countries.

As everyone knows that Poverty is measured as a single dimensional index such as income. But income alone misses a lot because India is growing fast in economic perspective but health, education and living standard not improved yet.

Among the 29 states, some states of India having high per capita income, yet lies in the high multidimensional poverty index. It means those states have high per capita income but lacks in the health and standard of living. MPI illuminates a different set of deprivation and reflects the deprivation in very rudimentary services and core human functioning for people. It shows the number of people who are multidimensional poor and the number of deprivation with which poor household typically content.

Indians' comments about "PoK" calling it " s backwards as it was in " show their utter ignorance about Pakistani Kashmir known as Azad Kashmir. There are no mass protests nor curfews nor ubiquitous military checkpoints humiliating Kashmiris in in Azad Kashmir. This is followed by India at Nepal's girls do best in literacy tests http: The research studies changes in female literacy over a number of schooling years. The proportion of women who completed five years of primary schooling in India and were literate was 48 per cent, much less than 92 percent in Nepal, 74 per cent in Pakistan and 54 per cent in Bangladesh.

These findings, which are part of a forthcoming background paper, were released in a blog-post by New York-based International Commission on Financing Global Education Opportunity or Education Commission last week. Corresponding numbers for Pakistan and Nepal were three to 31 per cent and 11 to 47 per cent respectively. DHS data For this research, the authors devised a way to measure the quality of education around the world, with a specific focus on girls, using data from nationally representative Demographic and Health Surveys DHS — one of the most comparable data sources on living standards in the developing world.

Around the world, female literacy rates are improving. However, it is not clear if that is because of improvement in school quality, the study says. India ranks low in global indices of female literacy as well.

If countries are ranked by the earliest grade at which at least half of the women are literate — a proxy for quality of learning — India ranks 38th among the 51 developing countries for which comparable data is available.

Indonesia, Rwanda, Ethiopia and Tanzania — all rank higher than India. Ghana is placed at the bottom. According to this study, just seven per cent of female students in Ghana can read after attaining their sixth grade. Over the years, most countries studied made improvements in the number of girls finishing primary school, which should lead to more literate women.

Thanks for keeping us posted. A fundamental problem of Pakistani nation is pessimism. We are quick to acknowledge and discuss our shortcoming but rarely do we discuss our achievements and progress. You are one of the few individuals who are optimists. Keep up the good work.

With the launch of this service, Mobilink is looking to harness the strength of its extensive telecommunications network to connect farmers, agribusinesses and rural communities, in a bid to drive productivity, profitability and innovation. Also, we still believe a lot more can be done if the telecom sector plays its due role. In relation to this, we have held various seminars on successful telecom — agricultural models from around the world to stress on the fact that more mobile-based applications are needed for better usage of telecom in agriculture.

The free of cost service has been developed after understanding the needs of local farmers. G Ali and Riaz Pakistan is better in education, poverty, economy, health and host of other markers. It can be deconstructed by region, ethnicity and other groupings as well as by dimension, making it an apt tool for policymakers.

In fact, the two measure very different things. In contrast the HDI is a welfare index based on three marginal distributions that combines the aggregate dimensional achievements of all people not just the poor into one overall score. Shaheen, 40, has five children and needs money for asthma medicine and school fees. The women at this center are among the 5. Memon says the welfare program she runs is not just about money.

Memon, an intensely focused woman who carefully measures her words, knows what it is for your status to improve. She was selected by her party in for a seat reserved for women. Memon is among a wave of women lawmakers to take office since , when Pakistan adopted a quota of 17 percent women in parliament.

Her best-known legislation is a law that established stiff penalties for perpetrators of acid attacks. Memon was able to win support from women across parties to push the bill into law. But research shows that they are not the whole solution. In Pakistan, a "new girls' network" has been given a lot of credit for empowering female legislators. In Pakistan, the US government is running exchange programs that bring female representatives to the US, where they can see legislative practices at the federal, state and local levels.

Since BISP delivers transfers to female members of the families, this has significantly contributed to women empowerment and promoting financial inclusion. With a variety of innovations and building blocks of Social Protection systems, BISP is evolving as a national platform for provision of targeted services to the poor.

World Bank " It is miraculous. Over time with the benefits that we have received, our children have rejoined school. Besides various administrative improvements, the Project has also supported BISP to strengthen its partnership with provinces for joint implementation of CCTs.

BISP became my savior. My children are able to receive the formal education. More than 30 federal and provincial organizations are already using this registry to improve pro-poor targeting performance of respective social sector programs.

BISP is about to launch the update of household welfare information in the Registry to be completed by December By providing women access to national identification cards and making payments to female heads of beneficiary families, the program has significantly contributed to women empowerment. Partnerships with the provinces helped promote the National Enrolment Drive, raise awareness of the program amongst the poor and pave the way for the design and delivery of complementary services.

New players have entered the financial industry and are offering solutions tailored to the needs of the average man and woman. This technology-driven disruption will change the level of financial inclusion within five years. In all likelihood, the largest retail bank in terms of number of customers, touch points and transactions will be a branchless banking player as opposed to one of the big five commercial banks.

Financial inclusion starts with having a bank account. This is followed by payments, retail purchases, credit and then other services like insurance, pension and other value-added services The technology-based impact has already started for a simple mobile bank account, which today can be opened within a minute.

Three years from now the branchless banking industry would have opened 50 million mobile wallets, substantially more than what commercial banks hold.

These M wallet holders are being provided an ATM card. Within six months these ATM cards will be converted into debit cards.

The vision is to create , merchants in Tier 2 and 3 cities over five years for the acceptance of these debit cards. Again the change in technology will be the accelerator. This will have a material effect on financial inclusion as 50m of the hitherto unbanked along with 0. With over 50m M wallet holders, person-to-person transaction is expected to increase geometrically. Two developments will drive this change, bypassing the traditional payment railroad. First, we are already experiencing a slow but steady switch from over-the-counter domestic transfers to M wallet, with volumes increasing from 15, to 1m a month in the case of one player alone.

Throw in a social payment application which allows low-value payments to be made via WhatsApp, line or a local application, and payments become as easy as sending a message. Currently, the industry is experimenting with new algorithm-based lending programmes that can assess credit risk based on data generated by the behaviour of an M wallet holder using a scorecard.

Once the industry follows suit, the bulk of savers holding an M wallet could become eligible for a credit facility based on their score. This will have an exponential impact on financial inclusion. Even if 20pc of the target users become eligible it will be a multiple of the current credit users in the formal system. Score cards already exist for merchants. When the merchant score card is developed and implemented for the proposed , new merchants, the lending for microenterprise as well as SMEs will increase.

The last development, which will be driven again by technology and the digital payments railroads, will be financial inclusion through e-commerce. This silent financial revolution has already started rolling out with the advent of the one-minute account. This account will in turn drive payments, retail purchases, credit and e-commerce activity. The days of Pakistan being at the lowest rung of financial inclusion for developing countries will no longer be the case.

The sky will quite literally be the limit. India tops with 76 selfie deaths, followed by 9 in Pakistan and 8 in US in 6 months https: Characterizing and Preventing Selfie Deaths" — found that of reported selfie deaths from March to September,"a whopping 76 deaths occurred in India alone! In alone, Indians taking selfies died while posing in front of an oncoming train, in a boat that tipped over at a picnic, on a cliff that gave way and crumbled into a foot ravine and on the slippery edge of a scenic river canal.

Also, a Japanese tourist trying to take a selfie fell down steps at the Taj Mahal, suffering fatal head injuries. Researchers analyzed thousands of selfies posted on Twitter and found that men were far more likely than women to take dangerous selfies. It found 13 percent were taken in what could be dangerous circumstances, and the majority of victims were under the age of The second most second-most common being hit by a train, responsible for 11 deaths.

Most of the Indian deaths were water-related. The authors hope the study will serve as a warning of the hazards and inspire new mobile phone technology that can warn photo-takers if they are in a danger zone. Officials in India in recent months have tried to take steps to address this new public safety phenomenon. Last year, no-selfie zones were also established in certain areas of the massive Hindu religious gathering called the Kumbh Mela because organizers feared bottlenecks caused by selfie-takers could spark stampedes.

Xiaomi smartphone is officially coming to Pakistan as PTA grants approval http: We have got approval from PTA now we will soon launch our product line in Pakistan.

Xiaomi smartphones along with other accessories like power banks, chargers, MI VR etc. It started its service in Pakistan earlier this year through CheezMall, an online shopping website of Pakistan which offers electronic, mobile and sports accessories. An official announcement about the launch and selling price is expected in a few days. Early drought warning helps Pakistan's farmers prepare for dry winter. They grow potatoes, not wheat http: But this year, there are no wheat stalks are to be seen on his 3 hectares 5 acres of land in Rawat, a town some 12 miles 20 km from Islamabad, Pakistan's capital.

Instead, Khan is growing onions, potatoes, cauliflower, cabbage and carrots. In late October, the Pakistan Meteorological Department informed Khan and other farmers that no rain was forecast for the crucial wheat-growing months of November and December in parts of northern Pakistan that rely solely on rain-fed agriculture.

The warning was one of the first of its kind from Pakistan's weather service, aimed at helping farmers look ahead months, rather than just days, and plan for crops more likely to survive drought.

He is irrigating his crops with water drawn from a nearby pond. California gas tax repeal campaign seeks federal inquiry. Taiwan consumer confidence strengthens slightly in September. Ex-army general accused of murder leads mayoral race in Peru. MLB attendance down 4 percent as 6 ballparks set lows. Kentucky's big cat; ND's disruptive DT. Typhoon Kong-Rey downgraded, forecast to bring rain to Taiwan Typhoon Kong-Rey was downgraded from a super typhoon Wednesday morning but will still start to bring Thanks for delivering top quality services to your clients.

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